EPO found to issue highest quality patents and offer best service

05 June 2015

EPO President Benoît BattistelliThis week, I am proud to reflect upon hugely positive findings from a recent survey carried out by a leading trade publication.

The latest benchmarking survey published by Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine has found that the EPO is the leading IP office in the world for both quality of patents issued and the level of service offered. For five weeks between February and late March this year, IAM conducted a comprehensive survey to garner readers’ opinions on issues in the global IP market. The results have been extremely encouraging for us.

The EPO has been ranked as the number one organisation among the IP5 for the quality of patents issued. Depending upon the group surveyed, up to 87% of respondents ranked patents issued by the EPO as ‘excellent’, ‘very good’ or ‘good’. It was not only the quality of patents that was the subject of high praise; we were also confirmed as the office offering the highest level of service.

It is all the more rewarding because the EPO has always been clear about its quality policy when it comes to the actual patents issued and the way in which we do so. Not only do we wish to meet expectations, we want to exceed them. The EPO has a clear vision to offer patents with the highest legal validity, a reliable efficient, effective service, as well as openness and to enhance consistency of products, among other aims.

Delivering on quality is a continual challenge in the modern patent system. The number of patent filings worldwide is on the rise and has put our services even more in demand. There are growing volumes of vast data to search when considering the patentability of each invention we examine. And, technologies are becoming ever more interconnected and complex.

With these latest results, I am delighted to see that we are continuing to address those significant challenges. The EPO continues to be a benchmark of quality among the large patent offices. High-quality patents are essential for providing the necessary legal certainty that is so important for innovative companies seeking protection for their inventions in a highly competitive and globalised market.

These results have been achieved by ensuring that we have highly professional staff who are equipped with the most modern systems. And we will work to ensure that remains the case by continuing to invest in quality and efficiency policy, of which staff training, cutting edge IT systems, streamlined structures and procedures are integral parts.

I also believe that confirmation of high-quality patents and the ability to offer a world-class service is the direct result of a great deal of hard work by a great number of many dedicated staff here at the EPO. I would like to thank them for ensuring that the very highest standards continue to be achieved.

Benoît Battistelli

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