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_MG_0522x.jpgLast week in Warsaw the EPO organised its popular Patent Information Conference (EPOPIC). It is always a pleasure for me to attend this unique annual gathering of patent information specialists from Europe and around the world: more than 400 attendees from a total of 48 countries participated in this 24th session.

I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to interact with professionals, to present them our projects and receive their feedback, but also to visit the many booths where they showcase their services. The patent information community is certainly in tune with the very latest online developments and digital technologies and it is fascinating to witness the progress made in just a few years.

The EPO is also strives to deliver a high standard of services in this field, which we consider a matter of priority. As the patent system becomes more global, access to global patent information becomes increasingly important. The Office’s policy is built around the following core principles:

  • Completeness: ensure as much patent information as possible is available to our users;
  • Usability: make patent information available in a form our users can understand;
  • Up-to-date: make the data available as quickly as possible after publication; and
  • Correctness: achieve the best possible quality and reliability of the data.

The EPO is taking concrete steps to achieve these goals and completed some landmark steps over the past few months. For example, the combination of three recent tools dramatically improves access to patent data: the CPC makes it easier to find prior art in patents; Patent Translate provides access to documents we otherwise couldn’t understand; and Global Dossier brings the file wrappers from other countries to us – including translations – rather than forcing us to look for them on unfamiliar platforms.  These tools are indeed invaluable if you want to make the most of our patent data: a collection of nearly 90 million bibliographic documents from around 90 patent authorities and more than 160 million legal status events from some 64 authorities.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank our colleagues from the Polish Patent Office, President Ms Adamczak and her team, for their help in making this EPOPIC session a great success. Poland’s Deputy Economy Minister, Ms Grażyna Henclewska, took part in the conference, showing the level of interest our host country grants the development of patents and innovation in their country.

The EPO is one of the world leaders in patent information and we will continue to invest in the maintenance and continued improvement of our services.

Benoît Battistelli

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