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15 outstanding Award finalists revealed

09 May 2014 - No comments »

EPO President Benoît BattistelliWe recently announced the names of the fifteen finalists for the ninth edition of our European Inventor Award. This annual event honours some of the most brilliant minds who have not only created or made a breakthrough in a particular technological field but who have also used the European patent system to protect their inventions.

An international and independent jury chaired by Mr. Gerhard Cromme, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Siemens AG, selected from amongst hundreds of proposals submitted by the public three nominees in each of five categories (“Industry”, “SMEs”, “Research”, “Non-European countries” and “Lifetime achievement”). Moreover, following last year’s good experience, a specific “Popular Prize” will be granted to the finalist who gathers the most votes online from the public. The six winners will be announced at a gala Award Ceremony in Berlin on 17 June 2014 which will also be broadcast.

Thanks to well established partnerships with media organisations and TV channels, like CNN, the coverage of this event continuously expands, attracting the attention of a larger public and showing the importance of innovation and the patent system for our society. The recent announcement of the 15 nominees has already been widely reported across European media and abroad. The purpose of the Award is indeed to pay a deserved tribute to the scientists and engineers whose efforts and imagination benefit society by providing technological progress and economic growth which improve our daily life.

I encourage you to learn more about the finalists and their outstanding inventions presented on our website, and to participate in the online poll for the winner of the Popular Prize. I must say I am personally most impressed by the selection made by the jury and I will be most interested to discover which of the nominees gets the most of your votes.

Europe can no longer rely so much on the richness of its soil resources to develop its economic growth, and one of its main assets now is its innovative capacity. The patent system has just a specific role in this regard and other policies have to support it as well, but I think it is an important one if Europe is to remain one the leading actors in global competition.

Benoît Battistelli



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